First Generation

1. Edward1 BARTON was born circa 1615. Edward died June 1671 in Cape Porpoise, York, ME, at 55 years of age.(1)

He married Elizabeth 1639.(2) (Additional notes for Elizabeth(3)) Elizabeth died after 1673. In 1671 Elizabeth the widow of Edward, along with Griffin Montegue, gave bonds for L200 as security for Edwards estate which was valued at L81 with the house, lands and marsh valued at L40.

On January 13th 1673 widow Barton was among the commoners at Marblehead who met and appointed men to protect the town commons from cattle over grazing.

Edward had his will probated 4 JUL 1671 in York, York, ME.(4) Edward is the founder of our branch of the Barton family in America. His origins are unknown at this writing but he was in Salem MA before 1640 and established at Portsmouth, NH by 1646 when in August of that year Reynold Fernald was granted four acres of marsh at the great house at Little Harbor, on the Piscataqua and his grant mentions that he was bounded on the east by goodman Barton.

He seems to have resided at Salem and Marblehead brior to Pourtsmouth. In court at Salem in June of 1660, one Benjamin Parmenter testified that he hired a house an land of Edward Barton about 17 years previously for 20 shillings a year and that it was fenced and planted with indian corn by Barton.

At the same court preceeding Richard Hide deposed that he has built the house on a half acre granted to him by the town of Marblehead and that he had exchanged the house with Barton for a house and land in Salem. He said that Barton had possesed the house and land for three or four years.

A court case heard 30 June 1640 had George Wright suing Edward Barton. The details are unknown.

On 15 October 1650 at a General Court held at Georgianna Edward Barton sued Phillip Gorrell in an action for a seven pound debt. The action was withdrawn.

He served in 1650 at Portsmouth as a trial juryman and in 1651 was brought to court for beating his wife. He received additional grants of land at Portsmouth in 1652 and 1653 and served as a grand juryman in 1656 and as a coroner's juryman in 1657, the same year in which he took the oath of fidelity at Exeter, NH to the Massachussetts Bay government. At the town meeting of March 20, 1656 James Johnson, William Seavey and Anthony Bracket were directed to settle a land dispute between Edward and Nicholas Row. In June of 1656, at Portsmouth, Susannah Trimmings, wife of Oliver Trimmings of Little Harbor, complained that she had been bewitched by Jane Walford, wife of Thomas Walford, formerly the first settler of Charlestown and among the witnesses was Eliza Barton, Edward's wife who testified to Susannah's unusual physical appearance. The Walfords earlier had sued Nicholas and Elizabeth Roe for slander in calling Jane a witch and they won in court. At the town meetings between 1658 and 1666 he was among those who subscribed to the minister's salary in the amount of 15 shillings.

In July of 1661 Edward presented at Court in a section refering to the Isles of Shoals for swearing commonly by Jesus Christ. The witnesses were William Scadlocke and Morgan Howell. Barton was fined 10 shillings and 5 shillings for officers fees.

Probably about 1666 Edward moved from Portsmouth to Cape Porpoise, ME and settled on a farm of about 300 acres which he bought from Anthony Littlefield. The move may have been occasioned by Edward being a loyalist to Massachusetts. Even then New Hampshire politics differed from their southern neighbor. A. The Maine farm was situated on Montague's Neck bounded by the sea, Cape Porpoise River and Montegue River.

On 18 July 1665 in court at Wells, Edward sued Stephen Batson for "not performing his bond according to his award to the value of 40 pounds." The court found for Edward and Batson forfitted the bond.

He was one of the appraisers of the estate of Morgan Howell at Cape Porpoise in June of 1666 and swore to its accuracy 1 April 1667.

Indian troubles forced Edward, his wife and family to abandon the Cape Porpoise farm for safe haven at Salem where he purchased a house and land which later were exchanged for a house and lands at Marblehead. His estate with the house, lands and marsh at Cape Porpoise and other property was valued at 81 in an oath sworn by the widow 16 June 1671. The inventory was done by Griffin Montegue and John Davies

Edward BARTON and Elizabeth had the following children:

child + 2 i. William2 BARTON.

child 3 ii. Benjaman BARTON. He was at Kennebec in 1672 when Ruth Berry claimed land to the East of his.

child 4 iii. Joshua BARTON.

child + 5 iv. Matthew BARTON was born circa 1640.

child 6 v. Edward BARTON was born in Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH circa 1647. I indicate that Edward was born in Portsmouth as that is the location his father is recorded as living at the time. There are no documents proving this.

In 1672 Edward and brother Benjamin (see below) Barton were among the petitioners at Cape Newagen, ME to the Massachussetts Bay Goverment for protection; and in 1674 Edward took the oath of fidelity both at Pemiquid and at Salem. He was a soldier in King Phillips war and was mentioned as being at the garrison at Mendon, now in Worcester County. In 1674 the General Court ordered that he be allowed to "keep a house of public entertainment and to retail beere, wyne and liquers at Cape Bonewagon in Boothbay Southport. He was jailed in Boston for resisting the draft for a Maine expedition and filed a suit there in 1682.

child 7 vi. Elisha BARTON was born in Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH circa 1655. Elisha died after 1688/1689 in Kittery, York, ME. He married Mary CROCKETT. Mary was born about 1657. Mary was the daughter of Thomas CROCKETT and Ann Lynn GUNNISON. Elisha and Ephriam Crockett registered an agreement at the Court of Sessions 28 October 1684 in York whereby for the sum of 12 pounds Elisha discharges his wife's right to her father's estate. The sum was payable over three years at 4 pounds a year.

Elisha gave a deposition on 20 December 1677 concerning a case against William Hilton accused of assault on Smuttynose. He was said to be about 22 at the time.

child + 8 vii. Mary BARTON was born circa 1657.

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