5. Matthew2 BARTON (Edward1)(6) was born in Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH circa 1640.

He married three times. He married Martha. He married Sarah circa 1679. Sarah died circa 1688. He married Elizabeth TAPLEY December 20, 1694 in Salem, Essex, MA. Elizabeth was born 20 JAN 1664 in Salem, Essex, MA. Elizabeth was the daughter of John TAPLEY and Elizabeth PRIDE.

Matthew was employed at as a shipwright.

July of 1672 had Matthew Barton presented at court for two counts of breach of the sabath and riding from town to town on the Lords days. He failed to appear. He was presented again in July of 1673 for not frequenting the public worship of gof and again failed to appear. The same charge was brought again in July of 1674.

He again appears in July of 1675 along with Sylvester Stover and John Sanders acknowledging a joint judgement against them in favor of Richard Cutts in the amount of 12 pounds 12 shillings payable in dried codd

In 1675 Matthew was among those from Maine granted temporary residence in Salem because of the indian tro f Salem, sold the Cape Porpoise farm to James Ruck of Salem for the sum of forty pounds. The family had been driven out by the Indians after about twenty years and Matthew became a mariner and shipwright. For many years he divided his time between Salem and Cape Porpoise. In 1668 Matthew and wife Martha sold their dwelling house and one-fourth acre of land by the south harbor in Salem to William Dicer. By 1675 Martha is mentioned as a temporary resident of Salem on account of the Indian troubles. In 1683 Matthew purchased a house and one sixth acre of land for 35 and purchased adjoining land several years later.

Matthew BARTON and Martha had the following child:

child + 13 i. Samuel3 BARTON was born 1664.

Matthew BARTON and Sarah had the following children:

child 14 ii. Susannah BARTON was born in Salem, Essex, MA May 10, 1680. Susannah died before 1702.

child 15 iii. Matthew BARTON was born in Salem, Essex, MA September 6, 1682.

child + 16 iv. Sarah BARTON was born April 1, 1685.

child 17 v. Elizabeth BARTON was born April 20, 1687.

Matthew BARTON and Elizabeth TAPLEY had the following children:

child 18 vi. John BARTON was born December 6, 1695. John died before October 1733 in Gosport, Rockingham, NH. He married Martha WIFE OF JOHN BARTON.

He was baptized 29 June 1729 in Gosport, Rockingham, NH. He made a will 16 April 1733 in Gosport, Rockingham, NH. The following individuals are also linked to this event: Gibbens MACE (witness); Richard TALPEY (witness); Thomas LAMBERT (witness). John had his will probated 18 October 1733. This appears to be the John Barton who wrote his will at Gossport on Star Island, Rockingham county, NH in 1733 leaving everything to wife Martha. The will was witnessed by Richard Talpey. There is an Elizabeth Barton (possibly John's mother) buried a the Tapley lot in York, Maine. John was baptised as an adult at Gossport the day of the formal church covenant and founding.

child + 19 vii. Patience BARTON was born August 8, 1697.

child 20 viii. Susannah BARTON was born March 29, 1702/1703. Susannah died 1702 at less than one year of age.

child + 21 ix. Susannah BARTON was born October 31, 1703.

child 22 x. Martha BARTON was born in Salem, Essex, MA March 30, 1707/1708.

child + 23 xi. Benjamin BARTON was born October 10, 1708.

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