Second Generation

2. William2 BARTON (Edward1) birth date unknown. William died April 1700.

He married Anne GREEN October 24, 1673.(5) Anne was born circa 1657. Anne was the daughter of Nicholas GREEN. In July of 1673 Ann Green was presented to the court for fornification. Mentioned in the case were Francis Raynes, Job Allcoke, John Penwill and Henry Symson. She was fined 5 pounds for her delinquency or to recieve 13 stripes at the post. In October at Saco it was noted that the fine for Ann Green alias Barton had been paid.

Ann was again charged on 25 May 1686 with Walter Penwell for "frequently keeping of one another's company as man and wife more like man and wif than neighbors." She married this same Walter shortly after William's death.

In 1681 William received one hundred acres, lying between the great and little marshes, near the Cape Porpoise river. He also bought one hundred acres from his brother in law John Puddington. In 1686 William and others petition to have the public records continued at York; and in 1689 he was one of those appointed for the surveying and laying out of lots of land. The family was driven from Cape Porpoise by repeated indian troubles but in 1720 the town of Arundel, formerly Cape Porpoise, regranted to his sons, John and Ebenezer, all their fathers rights in lands and marshes on the Cape Porpoise River. The early records make mention of Barton's Creek, Barton's Cove, Barton's Neck and Barton's Further Neck, also called Easter Neck.

William BARTON and Anne GREEN had the following children:

child + 9 i. John3 BARTON.

child + 10 ii. Ebenezer BARTON.

child + 11 iii. Susannah BARTON.

child + 12 iv. Mary BARTON was born circa 1673.

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