2922. Walter Harley9 BARTON (Hiram F.8, Orrin7, Reuben6, Reuben5, Joshua4, Samuel3, Matthew2, Edward1) was born in Wheelock, Caledonia, VT 29 July 1879.(2063) Walter died 24 September 1946 in Mirror, Alberta, Canada, at 67 years of age.

He married Clara Maybell DELONG 20 December 1900. Clara was born 20 December 1886 in South Reading, Windsor, VT. Clara was the daughter of Charles D. DELONG and Ruth Melissa BLANCHARD. Clara died 27 January 1947 in Mirror, Alberta, Canada, at 60 years of age.

Walter was listed as the head of a family on the 1910 Census in Hudgins, Perkins, SD. The following individual is also linked to this event: Clara Maybell DELONG (wife).

Walter Harley BARTON and Clara Maybell DELONG had the following children:

child + 4328 i. Rosa Bell10 BARTON was born 25 November 1901.

child 4329 ii. Daisy Eunice BARTON was born in SD 19 September 1903. Daisy died 29 October 1988 at 85 years of age. She married Alonzo TEETER.

child 4330 iii. Maude Christina BARTON was born in SD 29 August 1905. Maude died 1 September 1983 at 78 years of age. She married Cecil TEETER.

child 4331 iv. Harley BARTON was born in SD 20 December 1907. Harley died 21 April 1974 at 66 years of age. Harley never married.

child + 4332 v. Edyth BARTON was born 10 April 1910.

child 4333 vi. George Leonard BARTON was born 2 June 1912. George died 14 December 1972 at 60 years of age. He married Alberta SHEBA.

child 4334 vii. Margaret Adell BARTON was born 2 October 1914. Margaret died 8 September 1988 at 73 years of age. She married Harry PETERSON.

child 4335 viii. Evelynn Ann BARTON was born 12 April 1917. Evelynn died 27 May 1965 at 48 years of age. She married James HARRIS.

child 4336 ix. Thomas Hiram BARTON was born 19 May 1920. Thomas died 20 July 1920 at less than one year of age.

child 4337 x. Ruth Helen BARTON was born 23 August 1921. Ruth died 26 August 1995 at 74 years of age. She married Walter ALBERS.

child 4338 xi. Ernest Julius BARTON was born 6 March 1924. Ernest died 11 February 1977 at 52 years of age. Ernest never married.

child 4339 xii. William Henry BARTON (living status unknown).

child 4340 xiii. Beatrice Ida BARTON (living status unknown).

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