4794. Carlton Frye11 BARTON (Mason Byron10, Loyal9, George Byron8, Carlton7, Bazeleel6, Bezaleel5, Samuel4, Samuel3, Matthew2, Edward1) was born in New London, Merrimack, NH 3 August 1926. Carlton died 4 December 2009 in New London, Merrimack, NH, at 83 years of age.

He married twice. He married Eleainor Vinita GAY 26 September 1950 in New London, Merrimack, NH. Eleainor was born 24 August 1926 in New London, Merrimack, NH. Eleainor was the daughter of Merle Clifford GAY and Vinta Inez LULL. Eleainor died 21 February 1982 in New London, Merrimack, NH, at 55 years of age. He married Marjorie POWERS 9 November 1986. Marjorie was born 31 October 1931 in Boston, Suffolk, MA. Marjorie was the daughter of Edward Gerard Anthony POWERS and Margaret Eileen RUSH. Marjorie died 7 April 2009 in Wolfeboro, NH, at 77 years of age.

Was enumerated as a son the the 1940 household of 1452n. The following individuals are also linked to this event: Almina Caroline KNOWLTON (Head of household); Mary Luette BARTON (Daughter); Jane BARTON (Daughter). Carlton enlisted in the Army Air Corps at Fort Devens, MA on 10 Feb 1945.

Carlton Frye BARTON had the following children:

child 5661 i. Thomas12 BARTON (still alive).

child 5662 ii. William BARTON (still alive).

child 5663 iii. Benjamin BARTON (still alive).

child 5664 iv. Daniel BARTON (still alive).

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