110. David5 BARTON (Elisha (Elijah)4, Samuel3, Matthew2, Edward1)(150) was born in Sutton, Worcester, MA 6 February 1739.(151) David died May 13, 1833 in Granby, Hampshire, MA, at 94 years of age. His body was interred in Granby, Hampshire, MA.

He married Hannah DICKENSON circa 1761. Hannah was born December 3, 1743 in Granby, Hampshire, MA. Hannah was the daughter of Samuel DICKENSON and Esther WHITE. Hannah died February 22, 1826 in Granby, Hampshire, MA, at 82 years of age.

David was listed as the head of a family on the 1790 Census in Granby, Hampshire, MA. David was listed as the head of a family on the 1800 Census in Granby, Hampshire, MA. David was a prominant citizen of Granby serving as tithingman, tax collector, selectman and in other positions of trust. He also numbered among the town's larger landholders. He joined Capt. Phinehas Smith's Co. of Col. Porter's regiment at the start of the Revolution answering the Lexington Alarm of 19 April 1775 and marched to the Alarm at Bennington in 1777 as a sergant in Capt. Smith's company. He was commissioned a Captain by Col. Porter on 29 June 1780.

Shays' Rebellion arose out of the economic dislocation that began during the Revolutionary War, an continued after the ware ended.

"The intensity of the feeling against Shays' followers is illustrated by a story about Capt David Barton. When his son David, Jr. announced his intention to join Shays' forces, Captain Barton told him that if he did, he, Capt. Barton, would take his gun and go to the war also and the first man at whom he would take aim would be his son. Captain Barton did not carry out his threat, and at the end of the rebellion, David, Jr. returned and took his oath of allegiance. Over twenty-five men from Granby took part in the uprising. After Shays' defeat most of his men signed an oath of allegiance to the state and federal governments and those from Granby wrote 'of Granby' after their names." ----Granby Bicentenial 1768-1968 Granby, Massachusetts, published by the Town of Granby, 1968

David BARTON and Hannah DICKENSON had the following children:

child 273 i. David6 BARTON was born September 18, 1762. David died October 8, 1762 at less than one year of age.

child + 274 ii. David BARTON was born August 13, 1763.

child + 275 iii. Titus Theodore BARTON was born February 17, 1766.

child + 276 iv. Lucinda BARTON was born April 2, 1768.

child + 277 v. Hannah BARTON was born May 20, 1771.

child + 278 vi. Samuel Dickenson BARTON was born November 10, 1777.

child 279 vii. Sylvester Breed BARTON was born in Granby, Hampshire, MA November 1785. Sylvester died 24 November 1794 in Granby, Hampshire, MA, at 9 years of age.

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