93. Samuel5 BARTON (Samuel4, Samuel3, Matthew2, Edward1) was born in Sutton, Worcester, MA August 12, 1724.(110)

He married twice. He married Mary STOCKWELL March 11, 1744/1745 in Sutton, Worcester, MA.(111) Mary was born October 1, 1721 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. Mary was the daughter of David STOCKWELL and Mercy EMMONS. Mary died March 1, 1747/1748 in Sutton, Worcester, MA, at 25 years of age. He married Hannah LILLY May 5, 1748 in Sutton, Worcester, MA.(112) Hannah was born March 24, 1731/1732 in Sutton, Worcester, MA. Hannah was the daughter of Jonathan LILLY and Hannah WIFE OF JONATHAN LILLY. He received lands from his father, and later moved to Royalston.

Samuel BARTON and Mary STOCKWELL had the following child:

child + 223 i. Mary6 BARTON was born April 27, 1746.

Samuel BARTON and Hannah LILLY had the following children:

child 224 ii. Marcy BARTON was born in Sutton, Worcester, MA April 3, 1749.

child 225 iii. Hannah BARTON was born in Sutton, Worcester, MA May 8, 1751.(113) She married Moses PARKS 29 October 1779 in Sutton, Worcester, MA.

She was baptized June 29, 1760 in Sutton, Worcester, MA.(114)

child + 226 iv. Susannah BARTON was born November 4, 1753.

child 227 v. Jerusha BARTON(115) was born in Sutton, Worcester, MA March 1, 1756. She was baptized 29 June 1760 in Sutton, Worcester, MA. May have married ____ Bond.

child + 228 vi. Jonathan BARTON was born January 12, 1758.

child + 229 vii. Ezra BARTON was born before February 15, 1761 (chr. date).

child 230 viii. Sarah BARTON was born in Sutton, Worcester, MA before December 25, 1763 (chr. date). She was christened December 25, 1763 in Sutton, Worcester, MA.(116) The following individuals are also linked to this event: Hannah LILLY (mother); Samuel BARTON (father).

child 231 ix. Betty BARTON was born in Royalston, Worcester, MA October 9, 1766.

child 232 x. Samuel BARTON was born in Royalston, Worcester, MA December 7, 1777. Samuel is recorded in the 1800 census at Jericho, Chenango, NY apparently with a wife.

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